Tuesday, October 17, 2006

and its a monday.

living life is tiring. but oh so good.

my computer went on a little hiatus from letting me log in. and then my internet went on a little hiatus from working. but i'm back now.

so... since we last talked i had a rough two weeks of midterms. i'm excited those were the last (undergrad) midterms i'll ever take!! of course i have the second exam and finals to go. but those aren't really "midterms." more like "almost-end-of-terms" and "pre-finals."

and now i have to think about my design project. yes. really think. i hope i can remember everything we did and how i should do it better and get it done. i have to outline a gantt chart tomorrow morning and make sure i can actually get into the rooms i need to get into. all i did today was pick up samples i had cut last semester and take an inventory of all the samples we had in the drawers. i supposed i should read brandon's paper too. that might help outline what i need to do. and since no exams till early november... this is the time to work.

oh... talking to myself. probably the only reason i felt the need to blog was that ben isn't online. so there's no one to tell random things to. oh well thats an untruth. there is always someone. but no one i wish to bother at the moment.

i'm finally going home... the first time home since the end of last year!! on thursday night. then i have to get my teeth did, my eyes did, maybe my hair did on friday. haha. in nyc. what a hassle. and i'm going to drag my parents and (maybe) little sis too so its gonna be a rarr-rarr-time i'm sure. but then i'm spending saturday-monday with ben in the city ;p .... and i'm 23 on monday :o ... i'm so old. haha. at least i don't look old yet hehe. and my arms are less flabby. that's always a plus. haha. maybe if i can make myself stay with this gym thing i'll be one of those middle age women who look 15yrs younger than they are. that's hot. haha.

anyways i'm very thirsty and out of ideas for the moment.

so, adios.

- kara