Sunday, April 30, 2006

the flightly blogger

it has been a long time. and most of my posts nowadays start with that recollection.

an update on my life: not much.

it is finals week at UConn. I have two papers to write, a take home exam I have to do whenever my teacher emails it to me, and an actual in class exam at 8am on wednesday. which i might add is an ungoddly hour to be contemplating electrodynamics.

i have a phone interview at a summer camp that is in virginia on tuesday morning. i should like to get that job as it would be fun. i have an in person interview with a company in andover, mass. on the 8th. if i get that job i'm going to be scrambling to find housing by the 15th or sleeping on a friends couch or floor or a hallway somewhere or maybe even a ymca. haha. but i'm up for the adventure.

i hope something exciting happens this summer. anything really. i'll take my small excitements where they come. like today the bugs in my pancake mix were exciting. not really. sad. i wanted pancakes.

anyway. back to writing a paper on migration policy. then one on chemical vapor deposition. the latter one is going to be much easier. i'm just not interested in migration policy. so... maybe i picked the right major? hehe.

- kara

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

thus is the life of a dieter.

the scale actually says i lost 4 lbs. i'm in shock and amazement. but i don't believe my scale - even though i payed $20 for it when i could have gotten a $6 one, because i thought it would work better. its got these nutzo directions that say if you move it you need to step on it once and disregard that reading. then step on it again to get the real reading. so i step on it and get a high weight. step on it again and get a lower weight. step on it again and get an even lower weight. step on it a few more times and consistently get the last weight. so i'm assuming it says i've lost 4 lbs from two weeks ago. but it could have just been lying the last time. and i could still be the same weight i was before. or i could just go into space and be totally confused.

thus is the life of a dieter. so the specialk challenge said i would lose 6lbs in 2 weeks. but i didnt feel like eating their cereal 2 times a day. thats too much milk. (but saves a lot of time making foods). i guess its not all lies then. but maybe i've been poisoned now. and i'm addicted to flakey cereals. who knows.

oh and someone find me a job. i've no time to look.

~ kara