Saturday, January 10, 2009


so I keep websites like relics of the past. like those paper journals I stopped using after my first real affliction with blogging. I still have several beautiful paper journals I'm not sure will ever get filled with anger and sobs, joy and misappropriated love. and a few others I deemed theme journals with a few scant entries. one was going to be a catalogue of my history of lovers. but that'd be slow going as now they are more like long novels and less like sitcoms with overlapping broadcast times.

so yesterday I got an email, well checked my email for the first time really since our long failure of a trip to the east. well really we had Internet access but I was in the midst of ignoring the existence of the world, which includes spam. so the email was a notice that trembling was expiring, or by last night had expired, but of course I could not let it stay that way. one day I will add to it so I will continue to keep it. at least this is what justifies the expense.

I have slipped into a nonchalantness recently. bordering on a desire to completely alter my life. I get into these cleansing phases. that really all in all sort of represent themselves as bouts of minor depression.

I am still fighing off el gripe de Japan as I will call it. and next time I am in japan in winter I will make sure not to try to tuff it in a sweatshirt.

anyway off to pay attention to my boyfriend; the idiotic typing of this ipod is driving me nuts.