Sunday, February 11, 2007

and... its february!

sigh. this site is so neglected its the wrong season. hehe.

well my life has been pretty neglected as well. i finally got my design project finished for school. as in i will be getting a grade (an A of course). wooee. and i have my degree so i'm finished with undergrad. which means i need to find a job or take the GRE's and decide what i really want to study. at the moment i'm rather haphazardly looking for a job. i hope there is something around here or near nyc. because if i can't be near home i at least want to be somewhere exciting and near where ben is going to school.

and... this is my first valentines day ever that i've had a boyfriend to share it with. if i feel like going to nyc on wednesday (hehe). i've always had sort of anti-valentines day ("vagina" day) parties with the girls or adam and i platonically pretended to be valentines once or twice. so i don't know what to come up with to do. its a silly holiday. we already know we like each other. i guess maybe its just an excuse to get hopped up on chocolate. and i think we intend on doing that. for sure.

despite the bitter cold its nice and toasty in here. and like all those other animals i've packed on my winter blubbler. so i'm surviving. haha. i think the plan for today is to stay away from chinese buffets and work on running off the one i ate last night. haha. that and my room is an eternal mess to be shoved into small corners so it doesn't look like the past 23 years of my life has amounted to bundles of crap and clothes and whatnot that no one should really own. and i have a massive variety of a music (and movie) collection to organize. and i wish the grade for that course would get on the system so i could have my actual gpa to put on my resume and get these applications out. also that involves going to many many websites till my computer freezes from a headache. and then it gives me one.

but its sunday. sunday isn't supposed to be productive. first things first i suppose. and that involves running, showering and eating. oh, and the everpresent laundry. life always amounts to bundles of ordinary things.

oh finally i found what was eating my space so i couldn't post things! junk mail! who knew. lol. 11mb of junkmail on a 50mb account can do some damage. anywho. any ideas on fun places in nyc be my guest.

<3 kara