Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cold Weather

I've noticed everyone coming into work this season is sniffling, coughing, Rudolph-nosed. Me included. It doesn't help me stay healthy when I come in contact with a large number of people everyday. It might be a little bit of holiday stress, budget stress, travel stress, final exams stress by association? lol. That and its cold one day hot the next. Warm spell coming this weekend and I'm hoping to get over this cold so I can get outside and do some hiking before its officially stay-in-and-watch-Netflix season. When I'm not feeling well that's usually what I do. Eat my cup-of-noodle and watch some Netflix with the cat. It seems that BBC shows are all over Netflix. I watched River last week and it was a series about an aging detective who loses his partner to an unknown gunman and while he's trying to solve the crime we see him talk to dead people, explain his visions to a psychiatrist, and confess his love for his dead partner. I found it a bit Romeo+Juliet for seniors. This week I started watching Broadchurch, it was suggested because I've watched Dr Who and it feels like a reunion of Dr Who and Torchwood meets River. Tennant's obviously not a similar character but you can see bits where he acts similar (when he gets excited). We are again solving murders, the protagonist - played by David Tennant - is the lead on the case and he's going through health issues. Later on Eve Myles comes in as a woman under his protection in a second case. Its interesting in the solve a crime way without the visible brutality. Its more about the aftermath and the people left behind to sort things out. I still miss half of what everyone says with the accents though. Or maybe the cold is getting to my ears. 4 days till my boyfriends birthday, 15 days till Christmas, 22 days till my sisters birthday. Lots of things to do! No time for colds lol. I'm hoping I can figure out how to promote my site and my shops better as my finances are a bit doomed at the moment. The most economical thing to do is stay home and watch more shows haha.

<3 amorette