Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cold Weather

I've noticed everyone coming into work this season is sniffling, coughing, Rudolph-nosed. Me included. It doesn't help me stay healthy when I come in contact with a large number of people everyday. It might be a little bit of holiday stress, budget stress, travel stress, final exams stress by association? lol. That and its cold one day hot the next. Warm spell coming this weekend and I'm hoping to get over this cold so I can get outside and do some hiking before its officially stay-in-and-watch-Netflix season. When I'm not feeling well that's usually what I do. Eat my cup-of-noodle and watch some Netflix with the cat. It seems that BBC shows are all over Netflix. I watched River last week and it was a series about an aging detective who loses his partner to an unknown gunman and while he's trying to solve the crime we see him talk to dead people, explain his visions to a psychiatrist, and confess his love for his dead partner. I found it a bit Romeo+Juliet for seniors. This week I started watching Broadchurch, it was suggested because I've watched Dr Who and it feels like a reunion of Dr Who and Torchwood meets River. Tennant's obviously not a similar character but you can see bits where he acts similar (when he gets excited). We are again solving murders, the protagonist - played by David Tennant - is the lead on the case and he's going through health issues. Later on Eve Myles comes in as a woman under his protection in a second case. Its interesting in the solve a crime way without the visible brutality. Its more about the aftermath and the people left behind to sort things out. I still miss half of what everyone says with the accents though. Or maybe the cold is getting to my ears. 4 days till my boyfriends birthday, 15 days till Christmas, 22 days till my sisters birthday. Lots of things to do! No time for colds lol. I'm hoping I can figure out how to promote my site and my shops better as my finances are a bit doomed at the moment. The most economical thing to do is stay home and watch more shows haha.

<3 amorette

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Facebook page means you are a business (lol)

I've just opened a Facebook page for my Etsy shop amorettenet. Self promotion is really confusing and time consuming! I'm trying to figure out what social media is better, so far Instagram is the only one that gets any attention - albeit mostly from other people self-promoting their brands. I don't have a tumblr, I don't even know what 'tumblr' is for! I have literally never been on it I'm already overwhelmed by all the "social" media.

I'm not sure how social any of it is unless its someone I *actually* know and will see "IRL" communicating with me. Over heard some people talking on the train the other day about how they "quit tumblr cold turkey and now they feel like they can be so much more productive." Good idea. Or be too old and don't join :) I do like Facebook because that's where I get most of my news & current affairs info. The funny thing is that my boyfriend will say something to the effect of "did you see the..." and I'll be like yep that was on my feed too. Despite us only having 2 friends in common and I never share things to him. Its a small world. Etsy does seem like a big sea of people. I browse just to find things I like and I feel like I could literally browse all day. The internet is a time eater like that :p

Its not *easy* to start an online shop. I used to run an online shop/webhost/design business... in high school. It was a lot different back then. The internet *was* smaller. It was easy to startup and become a popular site - if you had a common interest with a lot of other like-minded people. Simply because there weren't THAT many other websites out there. You could buy domain names with 1 word... for $75/yr. I haven't really done anything since then, just a website here or there at random b/c someone already knew I could make them. I dropped out of the web business because I was too busy. It takes a TON of time. So I'm back again, with no audience and no hook to bring in my like-minded folks. Time to "re-brand" myself. Or find my "brand" that's already out there. Hahah.

Relates back to life in general. As we change from year to year... our brand does change. Who we are is not a constant. Who I spend most of my time with is not a constant. My Facebook friends are pretty constant though haha. That tumblr quitter said they had friends on there for 7 years. I've had friends on Facebook since it started, the same ones, and I've rarely added new ones since college. I really don't see it as a way to meet new people (moreso to keep in touch with people you've met). Blogger certainly doesn't seem that way either. I don't feel compelled to comment on/email bloggers and make friendships. They are far too busy anyway! The only place I make friends on the internet is on Meetup, and that's making friends IRL because they encourage you *not* to talk online. Old school.

<3 amorette

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Netflix Marathon Sunday

I routinely get frustrated with the entertainment offerings. If I feel like something is full of gratuitous violence and/or nudity it isn't entertaining to me and frankly makes me angry. I'm not into the shock you with a rape or murder or both in the first minute of a TV show kind of drama. I don't need that negative visual stimuli and I don't know why people want to watch this on television. I often hear a show getting rave reviews only to find its just making me too sick to watch it. There's plenty of bad comedy too. I like when I find a show I can actually watch that's entertaining without gruesome visuals.

Makes it kind of hard to choose what to watch with friends because I'm not into shows like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. The BF and I had some time to kill this weekend and we started and stopped a few things on Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go. Wound up marathoning Aziz Ansari's "Master of None" TV show on Netflix. He's not *the funniest* guy on his own but the show felt like good watching it. Its funny and stirs the pot about some concepts that make interesting conversation. It doesn't make me feel upset or scared or angry. Its entertaining and relatable. My kind of show. I generally get caught up in cheesey shows. I do watch shows like Dr Who and Sherlock (and for some reason The Flash) but I mostly love comedies.

I have watched some dark shows like Dexter, Hannibal and Gotham but they aren't gruesome just for the shock, and its not constant gore, there's a good plot. Some comedies are way too dry, we tried to watch "w/Bob and David" and I just didn't feel the funny. There's also a short documentary "The Tiger and The Monk" that has me wanting to head back to Thailand. I think TV/entertainment is good if it gives you positive ideas. There's enough negativity out there. Especially recently. Politics literally hurt my head to hear them debate and all their "versions of the truth." Its hard to understand how some of these horrible people have fans. The same way its hard to understand how violent humans can be... I'd rather have my "entertainment" light when my "world news" is so grim.

<3 amorette