Wednesday, May 02, 2007

new webhost

so i've been hosted on 2mhost for at least 3 years at a very reasonable less-than-20 bucks a year for 50mb. but as everyone knows i don't have a job i'd rather spend that $$ on shoes/purses on ebay or on the train to visit plunk or registering my moms domain name for another two years. oh, and free hosting is super nice. i've put my moms website on freehostia for the past year, but i never actually made it till last month. i've noticed that sometimes when i upload things the text doesn't come out right on the page when i load it. so if this occurs. not my bad. blame the free host, right? i'm sure i'll notice it and re-upload it before anyone else does. but feel free to rat on my host for me. but anyway i have more space now. so maybe my archives can come back (for sneaky people to read).

oh and [speaking of webhosts] i've just realized that vanished. so i'll have to figure out if portland is still doing OK with the responsibility of keeping that open .. or move it to freehostia. ... maybe one day i'll want to change that. but i so like it the way it is. its like an old diary. of course without any mention of daily life. or really my life. for real.