Friday, April 30, 2010


i'm waiting for summer to be here. still wearing sweaters. wind was nearly blowing us over yesterday. its the day after the last day of classes here. its quiet. no one bothered to turn on the lights in the hallway. i'm holed in my office.

i can't remember my username for one of my hosting accounts. this is normal. i don't keep anything recorded anywhere anymore. i used to have a notebook of usernames and passwords. now relying on memory isn't working so well.

and now blogger is making me choose what to do with this whole *no ftp* deal. i suppose if i host it on blogspot that means not filling up the little space i get for free elsewhere. but it means a less streamline site. and simple is what i aim for.

especially when i never write.

i'd go back to paper. and posting photos of it. then we'd screw all this fancyness.

but jpegs take more space.

everything takes more space. u stub your toe more in less space. and i can fill every crevice with something. there's always something you have to have.

like a cookie jar that makes the jaws noise when you open it. how could you not buy that?