Wednesday, September 19, 2012

september is cloudy

i'm happy that fall is coming. it means i am busy at work. there are people on campus. eventually i'll work in apple picking & making a pie or two. play around with some fall color photos. there's the birthdays & halloween. i know more people now who celebrate their birthdays the same week as mine so we can't feel so bad about getting old when we're all adding a year at the same time lol. i've already started thinking of halloween costumes... we were trying to think of a theme and we talked about superheroes but i don't think everyone is agreeing on that. i do have a sweet dress for a catwoman outfit... but who knows if it would fit me yet. the weight loss is going slowly. as long as it doesn't go up i'm happy with the progress. i think just having the doctor harp on your weight is like peer pressure b/c you don't want to be embarrassed if you weigh more at the next visit.

it is chilly out and biking to work is a little bit faster because i'm sweating less. its always threatening rain though... but I've been lucky and only biked in rain once so far. hopefully that continues! i did score some rain appropriate pants i can bike in at the goodwill. found a pair of lululemon brand ones & some random vintage brand. if my sport clothes are name brand that means i'm more fashionable when i wear them in lieu of regular clothes right?? i wish. its hard to go from "biking" to "work" to "evening" wear. they should address this on What Not To Wear. haha.

the entourage is getting back together at the end of the month for a wedding! but we still have some single ladies to marry off! we all seem pretty much the same, just a little more tame w/age or wiser? lol. unfortunately the boyfriend can't make it but its fine b/c a lot of my friends are single so i can pay more attention to them and not have to include him in the conversation. also means i don't have to rent a hotel haha. although i think the guys in the group like when i bring someone b/c they get to talk to a dude instead of all these ladies ;p

~ amorette