Tuesday, January 12, 2010

idle days

when you're thinking ahead to stressful days to be. but nothing to do now. a lot of time is wasted. i think a month went by before i noticed the lack of energy. the lack of anything getting done. i don't know if its winter that's got me in a freeze. or the short days and long nights that have brought on the familiar melancholy and dragging of the limbs to get anything accomplished.

i've spent the last two days trying to get a christmas present set up so i can use it. a blu-ray player. they ship it without an hdmi cable. and i couldn't find the one i thought i had. so i'm waiting for amazon to send me one. so its plugged in but disconnected. and i hear it ticking. electronic heartbeat. it also wants to be connected to the internet. with a real wire. a physical attachment. oldschool. i'm thinking of getting a 50 foot cable and running it in. so much easier than the fight i've been having with the routers to get them to talk to each other. the belkin beat up the netgear.

my roommate comes home and turns out the hall light and puts her shoes in the bin. thats the only way i know she's home. when i look into the dark hallway. but maybe she didn't put it out today because it won't come back on. the bulb only lasted 2 months and we hardly used it. there must be something wrong.

i can't figure out my neighbors. undergrads surely. underage definitely. partiers of course. but why does one of them keep coming back to the apartment without keys and smashing open the door. maintenance has been here the past few days fixing it. its got patches all over it. metal. wood. nails. its kind of crazy. i'm amazed that the cleaning woman mopped the stairs and front hall today. and took out the trash bags someone left in the foyer. in my old apartment they vacuumed the carpet and steps every morning. that was a bit of overkill. but they never clean this place. the carpet on the first two floors has tumbleweeds of dust and dog fur. thats what happens when you try to save some rent. i'm sure a lot of places don't have cleaning services, but a lot of places don't have a maintenance company. you'd think in a place with one, something would get maintained.

at least the heat is back on. clanking away. i'm sure to wake up in a few hours in a sauna. but at least i can turn it off. the old apartment had no option. it was sweat or sleep outside.

good night internet.

~ amorette