Sunday, March 29, 2009

tonight is the kind of night...

you feel like talking to air.

or internet, as it may be.

yesterday it was gorgeous out. i went back to my old college campus to visit my sister and some old and new friends in my sorority. i am very nostalgic about that place. it hasn't been long enough for nostalgia to kick in but there's no other way to describe it. i like that its set in a hick town. that they have cows and horses and sheep and 4-H chicken shows. today is was raining and foggy. but the fog has that way of settling. makes me wish i had a camera that could pick that up. or at least hadn't forgotten mine so i could try.

why do farm animals give you these looks like they are so sad. i think we just associate big eyes with sad. and they just have big eyes. but still. i think they may have just wanted treats. but i'm pretty sure they don't want me feeding horses treats. i might give them jelly donuts. cafeteria ones no less. those will cause some destruction.

when i'm driving around the area of campus i just get these memories of the people i hung out with and where i used to go. i miss living with so many people i enjoy hanging out with. and just doing whatever all the time because we're just in the same place. but its not really possible to recreate that. now its workday. weekday evenings spent by myself. weekends spent with the boyfriend or on excursions to visit CT friends or family. i don't really have a new life here other than all my crap. my apartment i wish i could change. and the boyfriend. but maybe i do and i just wouldn't realize it until i left. and came back to drive around.

not that i'm leaving anytime soon. maybe i need to admit that i'm here for a while. and then i'll settle. and grow some roots.

wish i could find a damn apartment with roommates i got along with and more space and a place for the car. i guess that's really much too ask for without forking over more cash. but would it be worth it? it might be worth it just for more fridge space.