Wednesday, June 24, 2009

keeping secrets

we get so good at keeping secrets. that sometimes we forget we have any.

in films they will have the couples diverge their silly secrets and then announce that now they have no more secrets so everything will be perfect. they are finally one unit.

but maybe we should keep secrets. so we remain our own entities. maybe we shouldn't share all of the same desires and passions and interests. maybe in fact we should disagree on whether to listen to marley or deathcab. maybe its ok classical music gives me a headache and you like to listen to it before bed. no one after all really wants to be best friends with themselves. that's just what we say when we are lonely.

so i'm certain there is a seasonal mood swing that occurs. maybe without even knowing it things change just because of the weather. like this damn rain we've been having. for weeks it seems. and it not just seems that way, i think that's the truth. in spring we had weeks of 85 degree summer weather. and then weeks and weeks of rain. and now it is technically summer but the rain continues. and this damn mood swing has developed. so usually the only thing that can get you down in the summer is the humidity. the damp sweaty feeling you can't escape. recently i'm getting that in my office, because the heat is perched at 83.1 and it won't relent. the thermostat is useless. and its a reoccurring event that never seems to be fixed for good; like that drip-drip leak from the ceiling that fills buckets each time it rains. good thing the weeks of rain have at least been mostly misty weather and not all out downpours. this isn't like boston, to be so wet. either way, i've been on edge lately. angry at no one, but you'd think it was at you.

at least i can't get angry at a blog. or maybe i can, but it won't hold a grudge.

~ amorette