Tuesday, March 13, 2007

hopefully i can sleep it off

its the nicest weather in a long time and i'm sick. i think i always get sick when the rest of the world is feeling great. blah. i hate sore throats. this just sucks. hopefully i can sleep it off. i spent most of the day in bed but that doesn't seem to have improved the situation.

when you're sick everything just feels so dirty. but you don't have the energy to go about being OCD about cleaning things. wait. i hardly ever have the energy to do that. but that's besides the point. gross gross gross.

i know this is a riveting post.

till another day.

~ bed ridden in CT

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

fotolog + chairs + movies = tuesday

so today is a tuesday. today a staffing agency called me back. needless to say i am still unemployed. possibly going to a career fair friday... even tho i don't know how much it will help. but yea i'm just not scurrying enough to find something.

i updated my fotolog. corrected the blog dates to match the dates the photos were taken. added photos from wv, nyc, and from the hanson concert in new haven i went to last friday. other than that i haven't taken any other photos. or thought of anything to say obviously. that and i still have to make my moms website... and figure out when it expires. that has been -like- a year in the making.

andddd i need a new chair cuz sitting here is no fun. this chair is just hard. and i'm starved. starved for many things-but starved for food at the moment. but thats not unusual. sometimes i just forget i should of had lunch. and i did that today. so my lunch is always late. even tho i managed to wake up at 10am for that phone call, haphazardly brush the morning out of my mouth, and mumble out some responses - i still left out lunch. hmph.

that and CT is in a deep freeze. well not only CT i suppose. this is an odd winter. winter is OK. i like winter. but deep freezes i'm not a big fan of. especially since they involve ice. and ice is something that usually makes me fall down and obtain giant bruises. and those are not fun. so as a result i haven't been outside in a while. i think also that its effecting my desire to leave the house and find work. i will definitely want work before summer because it does get awful warm in here. isn't that a twisted way to rationalize. everything is.

sunday night we watched the departed. i wasn't too fond of it. particularly because of leo, but additionally because of accents i couldn't undestand, make-believe words i don't know the meaning of, and blood splatter. lots of blood splatter. on top of crude humor. does anyone find that funny? i don't know. so last night my sister picked the movie again and we watched blood diamonds... now i don't speak any african languages but at least this had subtitles so i could get what people were saying. which made it better. but the laptop overheated and froze just about when the main characters may or may not have been killed. and we've yet to finish watching it. so i dunno how much i dislike that movie yet.

sunday afternoon we watched marie antionette. the only thing that could have possibly been added to that film to make it worthwhile would be if they had actually beheaded kirsten dunst. the possibility of that occurring was the only reason i sat down to watch it. unfortunately they didn't give me the satisfaction of going that far with the story. so the movie really sucked. i think the whole thing was based on a plot that went something like this "dress up kirsten in these silly dresses, make her eat a lot of food with her fingers, pretend to get drunk a few times, and then act slightly scared for about 5 seconds /end movie"

hmm. i think its lunch time.

~ kara