Tuesday, April 17, 2007

web hosting .. the necessary evil

so i used to be a web host myself. way back when. lol. but now i'm not. now i don't even think i'm going to renew paying $18 for my current webhost. i have no qualms with them whatsoever. its just that even my text files were filling up 50mb and i can get 250mb for free at another site. so i'm going to try that. i'd rather pay $9+tax to renew this than $27+tax for the year. because i'm a cheap bastard. and that's why i gave up being a webhost .. because everyones cheap (not necessarily a bastard). lol. besides when i did it it was fun cuz i was chatty with the girls i hosted.

anyway stuff like this pisses me off. that must have been when i decided not to renew uncontrollable.org .. 2/4/2005. ever since then domaincollection.com has been trying to sell it at a much inflated price (i'm sure, b/c you have to contact them for an estimate). isn't 2 years long enough to tell its not going to sell? i liked it. but i can't have it now. nor any of the other names i used. because they were snatched up by the same sort of companies. so now there are tons (and tons) of websites out there that look like this. three that i stopped running weren't bought up. one because it was a .nu, one because it was a long made up word, and the third because it was a short made up word. but i would like to own the zine site we had again. just in case i was ever really bored and wanted to pick up being cool again. lmao. but really its a silly thing. there's nothing wrong with one domain name. and i've had people offer to buy this one and trembling.org (which i still own, for no reason really). and maybe they had better uses in mind. but i like denying other ppl ownership. besides it was my idea, i had it first right. if only u could own it for life w/a one time fee. that'd be easier. we'd all go around with our made up name associations. like bumper stickers on our internet personality.

at least i don't have a site that's just a webcam pointing at a fish tank. but maybe i would if i could keep fish alive.

hmm i bet the free webhost doesn't support .shtml .. hmph. [oooh it says it does <3]

~ kara

sun is in the sky oh my oh my .. no its not

so its been raining for like 2-3 days. i dunno. forever. i don't think i've been out side in weeks. thats an accomplishment, no? but this weekend is spring weekend. so i think i'll be crashing up at uconn like the good old times... if they were ever good. it usually rained and i got pissy. so i'll prepare this time. plus we're all old folks now so we prolly won't be out ALL night. lol.

hmmm... its tuesday. nope nothing redeeming there. 'cept house is on tonight. but we always forget to watch it. my mom is steadily trying to make stamps to make tshirts. there's gotta be a better way. i still want to lookup those wires with the flat ends to make these earrings i've wanted to make since summer. cuz that's fun. der. better than doin nothing. i could be making all kinds of things. maybe i should have stayed with computer engineering then i would know if my great invention of today would be possible. anyway if tshirts or earrings ever get made, or if i ever list those things i've wanted to sell on ebay. [or if i ever make moms website] that'd be something done. but geez i need a job. wah. i'm ready to march into a store and get a sales associate job. you need something scheduled to do every day or you don't do anything.

i ran 2 miles yesterday. its supposed to be a mile every day. that was the plan. but i use the term 'ran' lightly. running on a treadmill hurts my knees. i just jog a little then walk uncomfortably fast. and sometimes i get this quick jog going. but i run out of air. haha. i'm tryin. i think the elastic stretchy things ["resistance bands"] hurt my wrists. i think i use them too much when other muscles are supposed to be taking some responsibility. either that or i type too much. may be the typing. carpel tunnel here i come.

oh and now i have a list of all the books i have that i probably will never read. if you're curious.

and todays entertaining waste of time is:

hard-fi - cash machine

till something exciting happens,

Friday, April 13, 2007

so i thought

since youtube doesn't recall my favorites when i add them. and no one can see what i like that way anyhow. i thought since sometimes i do a lot of farting around online in the midst of "getting things done" and sometime i like things. and sometime i forget to tell people i like things. yes i don't hate everything. i thought. "hey that's what blogger is for right? i'm supposed to blog stuff" so imma start blogging "stuff." since my fotolog holds all the photos i've taken that i wish to share i no longer inserted such things into blogs, thereby removing the problem of broken picture links. so excuse any broken links in the future when the all powerful makes the sharing of things online forbidden or someone takes these fun things down to be unfun.

so the blogging of fun things begins. oh and i did wake up before 1pm today. but last night was rather restless. its hard to sleep when you're a bundle of energy. oh and now i want to figure CAD out so i can make a CAD representation of my room. cuz that'd be awesome. so it can be disorganized digitally as well as literally and figuratively and so forth.

oh and i do love how facebook is transforming itself and how it lets u post fun things in notes. but facebook profiles will never be all pretty like i want them to be. and in time perhaps we'll all forget of them. although i'm still waiting for ppl to forget about myspace. and frienster. and orkut. and makeoutclub. and .. oh wait! ppl did forget those. when i get a new layout up i'm going to put links to all those fun profiles i waste time with. because. why not. they don't link here for the most part, but maybe i can give them a kickback.

so here's this posts object:

feist - 1 2 3 4

<3 kara

oh i'm still a fanson

oh! lest i forget. i really do miss running fansites and having awesome ppl to talk to. haha. anyway so if a hanson fan happens to still be reading this?? or just started anyway... i miss running uncontrollable.org (i don't own it anymore, quite obviously) and i don't have hanson.net anymore (i will again when i have an income) but i'm trying to collect all the random songs i missed out on (the ones that were leaked on the internet so i couldn't buy 'em on any CD's)...

so if you're like me and don't know if your ipod has every hanson song ever released to the public on it .. i'm putting the ones i find online for others to discover at esnips/web/rarehanson

btw i love esnips. yea that's like an advert. but i do. its the only way i can share things with my sis at college. AIM file send just blows. it really does. it never works. yayyyyy esnips. haha.

~ kara

thursday was tv night

so thursday has been the only good night to watch tv in years. basically. and i was sad the OC ended. so sad i still haven't watched the last 2 episodes. which in my mind extends the length of the show forever, because i never finished it. but i do have them recorded on my fancy little dvd recorder. well no its not little. but it records. just in case one day i'm brave enough to watch 'em. but i only started watching in season 3 so i think it'd be fitting to maybe watch from season 1 and THEN finish it? although, i still haven't done that with sex and the city.

but really the OC was over when they killed marissa cooper.

tonight was disappointing. i hate recap shows of greys. they are no fun. i KNOW what happened. even though i missed a lot of shows. its like a soap, you don't ever miss too much. wait, i'm always lost on soaps. i don't know. i can't follow them they have too much ADD for me. no wait, not ADD its sap. too much sap. i get stuck. so sticky. oh no, that's the tree kind.

anyway today i start my going to bed before 1am rule. can i make it? can i really do that? i dunno.

also maybe here would be a good place to keep track of where i applied for jobs? i'm going to try to apply for 2 a day. can i do that too? oh we'll see. i blew my running a mile a day for the past 2 days. but i think going to bed before 1am getting up before 2pm will give me more energy. so i can keep that task on schedule. anyway. so today i applied to work at Revlon and Google. in package engineering and assisting projects. both sound fun. oh c'mon. anything's fun. but i think i'll let gmail keep track of the jobs i applied to. or my harddrive. those are fun things. harddrives. i think the one in this CPU won the race. i've had it a long time. well i don't know how long. but at least 6-7 years. but i think it definitely had an advantage. my laptop could melt a cheese sandwich. or five. let alone a woosy little harddrive.

and now i make myself try to sleep. onward towards a great life. eh? i'll make it happen. i will. i swear. nothing to swear by. but why not.


~ kara

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

our good will is expensive

so my trusty old Compaq FS740 (CRT monitor) that i got refurbished in 2000 or 2001 (too long ago to remember) has been on the fritz for the past couple of months. it got into this phase of its life where it decided it was a good idea to start making everything look a little aqua. and then disco-party its sway along flickering back and forth between color and its new blue wash-over.

and sifting through endless lists of job openings is difficult when your eyes are screaming. so a few weeks ago i scoured the internet and local electronics stores for LCD monitors and TV/LCD monitor combos .. and really i thought the quality looked crappy. and none of those monitors were easy to look at for $190-$240 bucks. especially when that sets me back financially when really all i want is to find a job and then i'll junk this CPU and replace it with something spiffy. (if i ever have time for a computer.)

so i went to good will and got an $8 CRT monitor from 1999. and its not blue! lol. it has 2 very thin grey lines across the screen. but it was 8 bucks. and its 17" like my old one.

sad part is i never did figure out how to use the mic on the old FS740, or what those color coded holes in the back were for. now i just need to get the coffee spill out of the keyboard and find the other stand for the purple JBL speakers that used to be the ears on either side of the monitor so i'm not hearing in mono. (i still think the speakers sound pretty sweet tho.)

and that was today. but really our good will is rather expensive. once i almost wanted to buy a pair of worn out shoes cuz they were cute but they were $8. and a dress that looked like a mermaid would wear it but it was like $16. and the books are $4. and i saw a desk lamp for $30. at least things are new at walmart/kmart/target/payless for those prices. well besides the books. but the local thrift store has those for 25 cents. i guess they don't think anyone around here is poor. i wonder why we have a homeless shelter then. oh cuz there are poor ppl around here. der. greedy schmucks.

~ kara

Monday, April 09, 2007

easter sunday = candy

i finally wrote in a paper journal last night. i haven't done that in forever. i started in on the one ben gave me... i still have at least 3 blank ones i've gotten from mom my old boss and myself. thats probably enough for a lifetime. haha.

besides from the fact that today i took new photos and put them on my myspace page (b/c we all know that's so much fun??) nothing all too eventful today.

it was easter. and we don't celebrate easter, we just celebrate candy. so i had a lot of candy and worked out a lot .. cuz well candy undoes that. o and cheesecake definitely undoes that. hehe.

'nite nite world

Saturday, April 07, 2007

well i'm all better now

so its april right, and thursday i saw snow flurries and people were still skating at rockefeller center. and the daffodils were all up and ready to open when i arrived on tuesday and regardless of the weather the buds were all open by the end of the week. and it always seems like you have nothing to say to someone when you begin with the topic of weather. but since i maintain my position that we are all animals and everything we do relates to that. i don't mind conversations of weather. i think its part of our instinct to notice it, to be bothered by it, and then to whine about anything hindering our lives to our compadres. eh?

i'm still chasing after that elusive career. i think i should dig up a book on the GRE's and get ready to go tackle a grad school. my parents think it'd be a good idea to ship me off to the college my bf is at to study finance. even tho its hella cash none of us have and uhm i don't know if that school has any cred for business-type-things. but i guess to appease their interest i will look into it. a masters in a year would be nice. less time. less money. i don't know about next year tho. i guess i could commute from home. anyway that's option number 2. number 1 is still getting a job and accumulating some funds. which is always nice.

parents want to go to lancaster PA and round up some dutch people and chocolate bars. but julie will be in school and this is for their anniversary so they dunno about "taking the kids." i'd be the only kid tho. i guess i could try to be kid-like.

i haven't had a fight with the 'rents since i had that late night talk w/plunk about how i like to fight with the 'rents. but i think staying away for 4 days may have helped that. it usually does. especially when the cell phone is off. but i'm going to try to keep it up. the hardest part is when you're cranky. or you haven't eaten. and thus you're cranky. then you just want to pick fights. or when you just have a tummy ache. i almost for a moment wanted to pick a fight with plunk. for the combination of the hungry and ache reasons. but i dunno he's hard to pick fights with unless its about me saying his politics are bull. which is fun, i think. at least he'll have more practice defending his ideas ;p but i'm probably not a worthy adversary to practice on. haha.

politics schmolotics. {i love how blogger wants to spellcheck my made-up-words}

i think that i ate vegetarian chili yesterday, well i know i did, and i think it has screwed up my insides. it could have been too many beans, but it probably was too much spice. my tummy doesn't like the spices. arr.

oh so i guess for the rest of the world: i got a haircut. haven't done that in .. ages. well gotten someone to cut it for me anywayz. and its short. again. woohoo. i like short hair. but sadly it will grow and i won't be able to cut it myself. so it will just grow forever. i tried to grow my hair out for the locks of love thing. but i don't know if i had 10 inches. and didn't want to go to the fancy salon to get told i didn't have enough to donate and then having to go to the other place to get it cut. so i just went to astor place and got it cut. and there aren't enough wachovia's in the city. too many chases. not enough of my bank. wah. yea but no photos yet. its saturday. 1pm is still morning.

oh an since this blog is mostly for myself. (aren't all blogs?) i'm congratulating myself for losing 5lbs. but i'm going to have to remind myself not to eat tons of cheesecake and cookies (in the fridge for easter) and to keep running. cuz 5lbs comes back real fast. so if i gain it back, at least i can tell myself i told you so.

someone find me a job,