Thursday, August 19, 2010


the only thing worse than a broken heart
is a terminal illness

he chose to look for more options
now i have to be alone

how does one know if you are 'meant to be'
he says he knows we aren't

i didn't want my life to be a country album
but it seems the men i choose
are not meant to stay

but oh they love me
so they say

and then they walk away


i've never seen a man shed so many tears
for something he's giving up

and no words can make me understand his choice
and no anger will come to quench the sorrows thirst

just an ache inside every hollow
a hurt greater than i can articulate

every step i take alone
that i could have shared in love

filled with loss

and every silence you used to fill
and empty pillows missing you

your face in my last memory
is long with agony
your small almond eyes large and moist
as you look down on the pain you caused

and to writhe and moan
seems the only thing i'm fit to do

curled up and missing you

my greatest love
the happiest chapter
turned to the greatest pain

~ amorette