Thursday, March 18, 2010

what is the value of sentimental

i find myself coveting a purse i saw at UO today. the first thing i thought when i saw it was oh its on sale for $30 then i realized it said $39 and noted the original price of $88. they've been doing a good job of putting the sale price over the original price so you don't know how much its really on sale. but that may be unique to one employee at one location. so what runs through my mind is: what can i get on ebay for $40? name brand? does UO even sell brands that won't fall apart in 30 days? it says leather, but is it nice suede or rat suede? then i thought i didn't want to carry it with me. or since i was probably going to my bfs i didn't want him to see i bought another thing i don't need. but its gray suede with gray leather kind of latticed on top. the gold colored rivets i can do without b/c they will scratch and fall off. and the base is square so i'm not sure i'm fond of that. and the hardware is a fake sort of antiqued brass look. and the strap is almost too long for shoulder and too short for cross-body. all this goes through my head. but i'm always looking for gray leather (it seems hard to find as i only have 1 clutch i got at wilsons leather years ago that's beat up but i love it because its light gray, its soft, yet shiny - in the unworn spots.) but then i know i have a gray suede and red patent bag and a huge gray patent bag. the first of which i've never worn because i'm afraid to wear it without protectant spray and because i'm afraid the spray will ruin the patina on the patent. the second of which is more like carry-on size so its a bit huge for everyday and because its patent its a little delicate to shove in a lock box or over head bin.

anyway i digress.

my last thought was if i left without it i can't really want it. and made myself not go back this morning.

so today i was thinking of indexing all of my items. kind of like what you'd do to get an insurance appraisal. to remind myself of all the things i'm hoarding that i should be using more often or getting rid of. handbags, shoes, coats, pants that i think will fit again one day, etc. but i have been trying to get rid of things they just aren't selling at the prices i'd like to have for them. or for some things any price at all. and with all the percents taken out for paypal, listing fees and selling fees (depending on the site) and overpriced shipping i make back a lot less than i intended. craigslist isn't working as well as it used to with all the spam on there, counterfeit items, and people emailing several times but never showing up to buy anything. but really i want to keep everything. lol. if i could have a wall display of shoes and bags i'd be fine just looking at them. i can't see them in boxes so i don't use them. and eventually forget they are even there. until i can't find a spot to put something. they used to sell that little camera that took polaroids and put them on stickers. i need one of those to label my boxes of stuff so i know whats in there.

not to mention the endless toiletries and make up i've bought because it was on sale or from a hotel room (or i thought i might actually start wearing make up) but haven't managed to use.

~ amorette

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